How To Make a Girl Squirt

'The HOOK'
That's right. . .most women are capable of multiple, earth-shaking, ejaculating orgasms. I've seen it many times, and I love to tell others how to make it happen. For sure, lots of people know how to do it. Hell, they wrote about it 4,000 years ago in China. Well, nobody bothered to tell ME about it, and most people don't really believe it's possible. It is. Read on! Now, I'm not boasting about what a great lover I am. . .I'm not, at least I wasn't until someone let me in on a few things about how to REALLY get a woman off. I happened to meet an odd lady in a bar, a few years ago, who got around to describing the fabulous long wet orgasms her last husband would give her when he pressed her here and poked her there and licked this and nibbled that, and so forth . . . .then she left! Bummer! What's worse, is that I hadn't paid very close attention to WHAT she said, as I was more interested in WHY she was saying it to me. So,I almost totally 'missed the boat' without giving it a second thought. Fortunately, I related the story to a friend of mine, a few weeks later, and he surprised me by knowing all about the special things she told me, yes it was true, and he and I talked for hours. This time, I paid attention, and when I put it all together, I soon found out that I could give a woman the cum of her life! And, the pay-backs were great. The first time I tried it went so well, it was unbelievable. When the second and third times went even better, I made sure to remember exactly what I did, and I wrote it down so I could pass it along to others. I’ve had phenomenal success with it. It really works, and I've had tons of fun giving these instructions to hundreds of people. My friends and I started calling it 'THE HOOK', as you'll learn in a moment, but believe me, something BIG happens almost every time. Every so often, someone writes me back with the somber news that nothing happened. Well, what can I say? Just follow the instructions closely, step by step at first, just as it is written here. . .this works ALMOST all the time!!! When she gets familiar with the new sensations, you can add your own personal touches for even better results. From my personal experience, every single woman I’ve done this to(6 or 7) has had the biggest, strongest orgasm of her life, and all of them squirted me as well . . . not every single time, but they all did, where they had never done that before. The important thing though, is not so much the ejaculation, although it's great fun, but rather the string of fabulous orgasms your lady can have.
finally . . . .here's what you do.
Make a fist. Stick your middle 'flip off' finger straight out. Now curl it halfway back, at the first knuckle. There it is, that's your 'Hook'. You will use that finger to press and fondle her 'spot' up inside the front wall of her pussy. She will begin to feel the sensation of having to pee, as you manipulate her, but it’s not pee building up in her tubes! It’s helpful to warn her about this, so she doesn’t hold back when the big moment arrives. She should push, rather than try to pinch it off, so it helps if she knows not to hold back. If your situation doesn’t permit this kind of planning, don’t worry about it . . . She will get the idea. Whether she squirts or not, she will have a tremendous orgasm she won’t forget! This is not to get her warmed up, this is to get her off, so do whatever it is you do that ends

Absolutely, the best thing you will ever learn about pleasing a woman! The technique, which produces a female ejaculation, remains unknown to most of the world. It's usually thought to be a myth or, at least, a VERY rare occurrence. It's hard to imagine that you can probably bring your own lady to a squirting orgasm, just by reading this page . . .well, I can only tell you that this article is totally on the level, 100% true, and, if you read this, or copy it to read later, you'll be very glad you did!